The D List: October 31st

Welcome to the first edition of The D List, a curated selection of links for Developers and Designers, edited by Diane. You’re busy, so we’re sifting out the best and most interesting stuff for you.  The D List will become a regular feature of the Flagship blog.

  • ElasticPress: Elasticsearch with WordPress

    WordPress search is tough. This new plugin offers new possibilities including relevant results, autosuggest, fuzzy matching, proximity and geographic queries, search metadata, search taxonomies, facets, and searches across a multi-site install.

  • Shortcodes 101 for Plugin Developers

    This new series from Pippin is a deep dive into shortcodes cover the when, why and how, registering them, advanced shortcodes with multiple attributes and support for template files.

  • CSS Clip Path Maker

    Ready to feature more interesting shapes on your graphics and images? CSS clip-maker uses the clip-path property allows you to make complex shapes in CSS by clipping an element to a basic shape or an SVG source. Take it to the next level and animate them.

  • Drop Caps the right way

    Wrangling drop caps in CSS can be tricky – they should extend from the baseline of the adjoining text to the cap height of the first line. Adobe’s got a tool to make a little easier to do well.

  • Coolors – a fun and easy way to generate colorschemes

    Press the spacebar to generate schemes, then lock one or more strips you want to keep

  • SVG in your content

    Great examples of using SVG graphics and tools to great attractive and interactive graphics for your content

  • Artboard sizing tips for SVG

    In Illustrator, artboards matter when outputting SVG graphics – your artboard becomes the “viewBox” in SVG output and you need consistency here. Two approaches from Chris Coyier on getting this right.

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