Ryan Sullivan

I’m a big fan of WordPress and have worked on things like WP Site Care and LoopConf. After working with customers and their subpar WordPress themes for years, I decided there was space to create something different that addressed a lot of the pain points our customers have had for quite some time. When I’m not working on building businesses, you can find me eating BBQ, playing golf, or assembling LEGO projects with my boys.

Today we’re proud to introduce you to Exposure, our debut theme! Exposure is built to showcase the work of creatives like photographers, designers, architects, and anyone else who needs and loves big bold images. The exciting thing about Exposure is that it’s beauty isn’t just skin deep. We’ve thought about the needs of creative professionals —we’ve spent countless hours making our theme […]

tl:dr We’ve built a really amazing starter theme that’s going to be a dream come true for you theme builders out there. It’s free, and you can download it from our community forum. This post also contains our plan for selling commercial themes which you can find here. The day has finally arrived that we get to show to the world the […]