Diane Kinney

Diane is a designer, developer and marketer focused on WordPress. She’s been running a small design agency for 15 years, and In her previous corporate life, she led large scale application development projects, managed multi-disciplinary teams, and oversaw Operations including marketing, customer service, and business development.

It’s almost time to debut Exposure, Flagship’s first theme offering. Optimized to showcase stunning images, Exposure is designed for photographers, architects, interior designers – anyone who wants to highlight their work. Today we offer a tiny sneak peek of what’s coming…there are some exciting features you’re going to have to wait to see! Exposure’s home page has a lot to […]

Welcome to the first edition of The D List, a curated selection of links for Developers and Designers, edited by Diane. You’re busy, so we’re sifting out the best and most interesting stuff for you.  The D List will become a regular feature of the Flagship blog.

You have the vision of an eagle. Your hands are nimble and your arms are strong. The mouse or trackpad is an extension of you, effortless and fluid. One day, this may no longer be true. Vision and mobility impairments affect 13-16% of adult internet users, and these statistics often don’t contemplate “unofficial” disabilities tied to aging, such as decreased […]

What happens when two people start a conversation about everything that sucks about WordPress themes today? If they’re average folks, not much. However, if one provides support to thousands of WordPress site owners and the other is a talented developer with a boatload of SEO experience, things start to get interesting. View from the Trenches The company Ryan Sullivan founded […]