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Why Your Flag Is More Than Just a Flag When Supporting Your National Team.

From face paints to chants and national flags, there are different ways to support your national team. Of these, perhaps the most significant one is your national flag. From time immemorial, symbolic nation-building has been effective in fostering a sense of national unity among all segments of a country’s population. When looking for an ideal way to support your national team whether you are watching sports from home, in a pub or stadium, choose your national flag. Here’s why supporting your national team with a flag is important:

1. It Is the Ultimate Sign of Identity

From miles away, be it in a foreign country or your own country, supporting your team using a flag sends a clear message on which country you are supporting. While chants and paintings may not be obvious, a national flag sends the message loud and clear. It is unique to the country and team you’re supporting, therefore gives the strongest sense of correlation. In fact, according to Flag Shop Ireland many expatriates admit to carrying their national flag during sports as the strongest link of identity they have to their native country.

A Spanish guy living in New York, for example, once admitted to feeling more Spanish every time he watches soccer, and this is further enhanced when he carries his flag around and sees other Spaniards do the same. While you may feel like you have lost your identity, or barely relate to your native country, carrying a flag will settle this by bringing back the sense of identity. As you cheer your home team, albeit the distance, you’ll feel like you’re back in your native home.

2. There’s No Greater Bond Than Sport

More than feeling like a patriot, the European championship and other sports will bring you one invaluable ting; great friends. Whether you are an expatriate or hearing your item fo home, you are assured of bonding over your support for your team. Your flag will be the fulcrum upon which new friendships will be formed, and you’ll be surprised to have a strong bond with your fellow supporters over the years. You’ll find yourself meeting now and then to watch a game, bet the outcomes of games and so much more, which may last a lifetime.

3. It Is Psychologically Uplifting

Identifying yourself with a certain group of people has profound psychological implications. If you support your team with a flag, chances are that you will find many other supporters using the same flag as the ultimate sense of identity. The more passionate fans are about something, and if they can find a group to identify with, the more the positive impact on their psychological health. With strong social connections and the camaraderie that comes with the fandom, comes self-esteem, self-regard, and positive self-image.

4. It Is a Sign of Patriotism

Supporting your national team with a flag goes beyond simply being a fan, and in many ways transcends sports. It creates an inherent feeling of nationalism, therefore patriotism. Contemporary society has knocked out communities, tribes, and even threatens family bonds. The closest thing to identifying as a group is a citizenship. That said, carrying a flag will evoke a sense of belonging to a particular country. Besides this, it will also show love and pride for your nation.

5. It Ends Nostalgia.

You might be at a pub thousands of miles away but with your national flag, you might just feel like you are at a stadium back at home. Many patriots flaunt their flags in the stadium their team is playing in as a precise symbol of the side they are on. That said, whether you are at home or in a club watching soccer with other people form your country, you’ll feel like you are back home with the rest of the supporters. Even though sports bring natives of a country together for a short time, this time is vital to them as it ends nostalgia.

With that, next time your team is playing, don’t leave your national flag behind!

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If you love your country, if you enjoy supporting your favourite sporting teams and athletes, whether in the Olympics, the European Championhsips, the World Cup or any other number of global sporting contests then there is no better way to do this than with your own national flag.

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